2014-02-03 Ian Beckwithfinalise NEWS.stable stable stable/20140202
2014-02-03 Ian BeckwithNEWS.stable: log cherry-pick [497f4cd]->[8c28db1] autou...
2014-02-03 Karl Berryautoupdate
2014-02-03 Ian BeckwithNEWS.stable: update
2014-02-03 Paul Eggertqacl: check for fchmod
2014-02-03 Ian BeckwithNEWS.stable: log cherry-pick [e446f25]->[c092018] reloc...
2014-02-03 Ben Pfaffrelocatable-shell: Update suggested usage in maintainer...
2014-02-03 Ian BeckwithNEWS.stable: update
2014-02-03 Eric Blakeinclude_next: port to autoconf 2.63
2014-02-03 Ian BeckwithNEWS.stable: log cherry-pick [fe3419d]->[cd56634] doc...
2014-02-03 Paul Eggertdoc: use ASCII in .texi files where UTF-8 isn't needed
2014-02-03 Jim Meyeringmanywarnings: remove -Wmudflap
2014-02-03 Ian BeckwithNEWS.stable: log cherry-pick [cfe23e8]->[79ca097] autou...
2014-02-03 Karl Berryautoupdate
2014-02-02 Ian BeckwithNEWS.stable: log cherry-pick [7a0c729]->[d78c62e] maint...
2014-02-02 Jim Meyeringmaint: fix public-submodule-commit to work with newer git
2014-02-02 Ian BeckwithMerge tag 'snapshot-start' into stable
2014-01-01 Karl Berryautoupdate snapshot-start
2014-01-01 Paul Eggertdoc: update main copyright year
2014-01-01 Eric Blakemaint: update copyright
2014-01-01 Eric Blakeversion-etc: new year
2013-12-25 Karl Berryautoupdate
2013-12-24 Eric Blakepassfd: give nicer error for recvfd at eof
2013-12-18 Karl Berryautoupdate
2013-12-17 Paul Eggertgettimeofday: port recent C++ fix to Emacs
2013-12-17 John W. Eatongettimeofday: fix C++ crosscompilation
2013-12-17 Paul Eggertqacl: port to Windows better
2013-12-12 Alexander V... md5, sha1, sha256, sha512: fix compile error in c+...
2013-12-09 Pádraig Bradyopen-tests: fix build failure with -Werror=old-style...
2013-12-09 Pádraig Bradymd5, sha1, sha256, sha512: fix link error with partial...
2013-12-08 Paul Eggertmd5, sha1, sha256, sha512: add gl_SET_CRYPTO_CHECK_DEFAULT
2013-12-08 Paul Eggertmd5, sha1, sha256, sha512: add 'auto', and a way to...
2013-12-06 Karl Berryautoupdate
2013-12-05 Eric Blakebootstrap: warn about BSD toolchain snafu
2013-12-05 Paul Eggertopen-tests: port to glibc with _FORTIFY_SOURCE and -O1
2013-12-04 Eric Blakeinclude_next: minimize code duplication
2013-12-04 Pádraig Bradygetcwd: fix compile error in configure check
2013-12-04 Pádraig Bradyregex: suppress core dumps from detection code
2013-12-04 Pádraig Bradymd5, sha1, sha256, sha512: support mandating use of...
2013-12-03 Ivailotest-xvasprintf: disable some -Wformat-security diagnostics
2013-12-03 Eric Blakeregex: avoid glibc deadlock during configure
2013-12-03 Pádraig Bradymd5, sha1, sha256, sha512: use openssl routines if...
2013-11-29 RV971base64: fix recent compilation regression on some compilers
2013-11-28 Karl Berryautoupdate
2013-11-28 Karl Berryautoupdate
2013-11-28 Paul Eggertignore-value: revert previous code change
2013-11-28 Pádraig Bradyselinux-h: improve stub types and add more stub functions
2013-11-27 Paul Eggertignore-value: prefer GCC version back through 2.0
2013-11-27 Mats Erik Anderssonpty: Activate the signature wrapper of forkpty.
2013-11-27 Eric Blakemaint: fix permissions
2013-11-26 Karl Berryautoupdate
2013-11-22 Jim Meyeringquotearg: don't attempt to store 1 << 31 into an "int"
2013-11-21 Paul Eggerterror: depend on stdio
2013-11-19 Ben Pfaffdoc: Improve wording in relocatable-maint.texi.
2013-11-13 Paul EggertFix indentation in previous patch.
2013-11-13 Paul Eggert* lib/getgroups.c (posix_getgroups, getgroups) [__APPLE__]:
2013-11-11 Pádraig Bradybase64: provide a fast path for encoding well sized...
2013-11-08 Paul Eggertextern-inline: port better to OS X 10.9
2013-11-08 Eric Blakefpending: fix typo
2013-11-08 Eric Blakefpending: fix regression on DragonFly BSD
2013-11-05 Jim Meyeringhash: relax license to LGPLv2+, for libguestfs
2013-11-04 Paul Eggertintprops: port to Oracle Studio c99
2013-10-31 Paul Eggertobstack: pacify HP C
2013-10-31 Jim prefer gpgv2 over gpgv
2013-10-31 Paul Eggertisnan: port to VAX
2013-10-29 Jim Meyeringgnulib-tool: protect against CDPATH
2013-10-28 Jim restore functionality removed by recent change v0.1
2013-10-28 Eric BlakeRevert "error: make the module depend on vfprintf-posix"
2013-10-27 Jim fix "release" target to build _version
2013-10-27 Gary V. get current gnulib revision correctly.
2013-10-25 Bruno Haibleinstall-reloc: Support multi-binary installation.
2013-10-22 Michael Haubenwallnerselinux-h: really build without selinux when library...
2013-10-21 Jim Meyeringregex: also remove dependency on HAVE_WCSCOLL
2013-10-21 Reuben Thomasxfreopen: fix typo: s/frepoen/freopen/
2013-10-21 Jim Meyeringregex: don't depend on wcscoll
2013-10-20 Jim Meyeringerror: add the printf attribute to a static function
2013-10-19 Jim Meyeringerror: make the module depend on vfprintf-posix
2013-10-19 Jim Meyeringfpending, obstack, strerror-override: use pure+const...
2013-10-18 Eric Blakeextern-inline: make safe for -Wundef usage
2013-10-16 Paul Eggertmkfifo-tests, etc.: allow HP-UX 11.11 bug
2013-10-14 Paul Eggertacl: allow cross-compilation to Gentoo
2013-10-14 Paul Eggertmgetgroups: remove dependency on realloc-gnu
2013-10-12 Paul Eggertregex-tests: port to HP-UX 11.11
2013-10-11 Paul Eggertverify: document some 'assume' pitfalls
2013-10-10 Eric Blakestrtoumax: fix another typo in previous commit
2013-10-10 Eric Blakestrtoumax: fix typo in previous commit.
2013-10-10 Paul Eggertstrtoumax: port to Solaris 8
2013-10-10 Karl Berryautoupdate
2013-10-09 Paul Eggertstrtoimax, strtoumax: port to HP-UX 11.11
2013-10-09 Paul Eggertstrtoimax: port to HP-UX 11.11
2013-10-07 Paul EggertNew module 'count-trailing-zeros'.
2013-10-07 Paul Eggertcount-leading-zeros: port to MSC; support types wider...
2013-10-07 Paul Eggertcount-one-bits: port to MSC; support types wider than...
2013-10-07 Andrew Borodinmountlist: fix resource leak with MOUNTED_INTERIX_STATVFS
2013-10-06 Paul Eggerttests: improve diagnostic when an assertion fails
2013-10-03 Paul Eggertverify: new macro 'assume'
2013-10-01 Karl Berryautoupdate
2013-09-26 Eric Blakedup2, dup3: work around another cygwin crasher
2013-09-26 Eric Blakegetdtablesize: work around cygwin issue
2013-09-25 Mats Erik Anderssonpmccabe2html: escaping of special characters