2010-10-23 Ian BeckwithMakefile.PL: add audio dependencies debian/1.0-1 releases/1.0
2010-10-23 Ian BeckwithREADME: correct dependencies
2010-10-23 Ian Beckwithdebian: add dependencies on libmp3-tag-perl, libaudio...
2010-10-23 Ian Beckwithremove "use lib"
2010-10-23 Ian Beckwithupdate release dates
2010-10-23 Ian Beckwithreduce default maxtagdepth to 6
2010-10-23 Ian Beckwithtidy code
2010-10-23 Ian Beckwithmake hasvals a per-node setting
2010-10-23 Ian Beckwithtweak number_joins
2010-10-22 Ian Beckwithdisable filters again, further tweaks to number_joins
2010-10-21 Ian Beckwithpreprocess elements, calculating joins
2010-10-21 Ian BeckwithNode::to_sql: NOT: only return an extra join, don't...
2010-10-21 Ian Beckwithdoc tweaks
2010-10-20 Ian Beckwithmore special-casing joins
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithjoin stack tweaking
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithreverse default sort order in schema
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithrename in_or to want_all_tags, tweak
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithmore doc tweaks
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithdoc tweaks
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithremove more dead code
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithtidy Path and Node
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithsql formatting tweaks
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwitheliminate STATE_TAGVAL
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithmore code tidying
2010-10-19 Ian BeckwithPath tweaks
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithremove unnecessary code
2010-10-19 Ian BeckwithPath::Node: make type an int not a string
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithremove more dead code
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithhandle FIXMEs, remove dead code
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithdebian/docs: install README and TODO into /usr/share...
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithid3fsd: drop terminal unless verbose
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithid3fs-index: update usage and man page
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithadd META.yml
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwither, thats 3.0 (quilt), obviously
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithswitch to 3.0 source format, I suppose
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithid3fsd: update usage
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithid3fsd: update man page
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithdebian/control: update long description
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithupdate MANIFEST
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithadd README
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithhandle /NOT/foo/OR/bar
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithfix relativising symlinks
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithtidy DB
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithfix man1 extension
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithfinish debian/copyright
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithadd debian/watch
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithallow lintian to bully me into adding debian/source...
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithadd copyright/license headers
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithtidy filtering code, ensure NOARTIST/NOALBUM/TRACKS...
2010-10-19 Ian BeckwithOR: show all unused tags
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithadded stub ChangeLog
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithadd TODO
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithcontrol filters via $ENABLE_FILTER at the top of ID3FS...
2010-10-19 Ian Beckwithadded .gitignore
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithupdate MANIFEST
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithadd audiotype/ tags; reenable filters
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithremove debug code
2010-10-18 Ian BeckwithNode: merge to_sql and node_to_sql
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithspell ALLTRACKS as TRACKS again, clashes with AND in...
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithdisable filters again
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithdrop maxdepth to 10, spell TRACKS as ALLTRACKS
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithrip out unnecessary references to parents_id
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithstop special-casing /NOT
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithreworked DB::new et al *again*
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithremove some debugging messages
2010-10-18 Ian BeckwithRemove PathElement::*
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithmerge PathElement::* into Path::Node
2010-10-18 Ian BeckwithPathElement::*: implement id() method
2010-10-18 Ian BeckwithPath::is and Path::at
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithremove obsolete FIXMEs
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithtweak indexes in schema
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithrip out postgres support
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithfilter out empty TRACKS, NOARTIST, NOALBUM
2010-10-18 Ian Beckwithspecify max tag depth (default: 15)
2010-10-17 Ian BeckwithPathElement::Tag: use parents_id when looking up tag
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithrevert dirent reordering
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithtweak relativise
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithmore code tidying: sql_start()
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithfix id3fs-index -l
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithtidy code
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithmerge duplicate id lookup functions
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithremove dead code
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithensure tags with different parents have different entri...
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithfix filter, even though its still disabled. List specia...
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithid3fsd verbosity: -v => sql, -vv => fuse debugging
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithdisable filters - too slow
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithfixed filter
2010-10-17 Ian Beckwithenable filter
2010-10-16 Ian Beckwithfix NOT with tagvals
2010-10-16 Ian Beckwithfix man8 and sbin install target destinations for vendo...
2010-10-16 Ian Beckwithdebian: add dependencies
2010-10-16 Ian Beckwithcustomise debian/
2010-10-16 Ian Beckwithran dh-make-perl
2010-10-16 Ian Beckwithfix sbin support
2010-10-16 Ian Beckwithswitch to MakeMaker, rip off man8 stuff from vipuls...
2010-10-16 Ian Beckwithuse $PATH_* instead of hardcoded names for TRACKS,...
2010-10-16 Ian Beckwithsupport decade/UNKNOWN
2010-10-16 Ian Beckwithincomplete support for filtering directories by whether...
2010-10-15 Ian Beckwithfix paths on add
2010-10-15 Ian Beckwith/ALL fixes