descriptionid3fs - a FUSE-based filesystem for browsing audio metadata
ownerIan Beckwith
last changeTue, 9 Nov 2010 02:48:46 +0000 (02:48 +0000)
2010-11-09 Ian Beckwithfix pruning tags + only prune files/dirs under @ARGV master
2010-11-07 Ian Beckwithid3fs-tag -V: per-dir summaries
2010-11-06 Ian Beckwithid3fs-tag: usage(): document -V
2010-11-06 Ian Beckwithid3fs-tag: -V: summarize tags in directories
2010-11-06 Ian Beckwithrecurse down @ARGV instead of treating them as files
2010-11-06 Ian Beckwithid3fs-tag: don't print filename on tags line
2010-11-03 Ian Beckwithid3fs-index -l: bare tags: don't display tags with...
2010-11-03 Ian Beckwithfix setting genre
2010-11-02 Ian Beckwithid3fs-tag: reenable bundling
2010-11-02 Ian Beckwithid3fs-tag: don't print if -o or -O
2010-11-02 Ian Beckwithid3fs-tag: implement -o
2010-11-02 Ian Beckwithid3fs-tag: implement -o
2010-11-01 Ian Beckwithid3fs-tag: set genre
2010-11-01 Ian Beckwithid3fs-tag: fix removing all tags individually
2010-11-01 Ian Beckwithadd audiotype/UNKNOWN, just in case
2010-11-01 Ian Beckwithset bitrate/samplerate to UNKNOWN when == 0
11 years ago releases/1.0
11 years ago debian/1.0-1
11 years ago master