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2007-01-26 mtopperadded code so topics are inserted into db
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2007-01-25 mtopperadded search
2007-01-25 mtopperall new changes so it works with new validation and...
2007-01-25 mtoppermade all my changes for the open posting and search...
2007-01-25 mtopperadded openposting localizer
2007-01-25 mtopperadded new variables for error detecting and validation
2007-01-17 mtopperchanged banner name to get past adblock
2007-01-13 mtopperchanged to 20k
2007-01-13 mtoppermade it outside of language
2007-01-13 mtopperfixed error and added log message
2007-01-13 mtoppertook out some topic logging
2007-01-13 mtopperadded regen verb
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