2015-12-14 Ian Beckwithadd missing comments on #endifs master
2015-12-14 Ian Beckwithdep3 headers for new patches
2015-12-10 Ian BeckwithStandards-Version: 3.9.6 (no changes)
2015-12-10 Ian Beckwithbump debhelper compat level to 9
2015-12-10 Ian BeckwithDISABLE_SSLV3 option, disables SSLv3 at compile time
2015-12-09 Ian BeckwithNew patch: 050_tls.patch: SSL/TLS changes from upstream...
2014-01-23 Ian BeckwithFix FTBFS: botched modification of YunQiang Su's perfec... 302-5
2014-01-23 Ian Beckwithremove unused lintian overrides 302-4
2014-01-22 Ian BeckwithFix FTBFS. Thanks to YunQiang Su for the patch (Closes...
2014-01-22 Ian Beckwithadd Vcs- fields; Standards-Version: 3.9.5
2012-05-26 Ian Beckwithtweak changelog 302-3
2012-05-25 Ian BeckwithFix Hurd FTBFS: (Closes: #674444)
2012-05-19 Ian Beckwithadd note about libdes to changelog 302-2
2012-05-09 Ian BeckwithAdd openssl to Build-Depends so openssl binary is avail...
2012-05-09 Ian Beckwithadd hardening flags;bump standards-version;prune lintia...
2012-05-09 Ian Beckwith900_ck_patch: DEP3 header
2012-05-09 Ian Beckwith030_fix_dialmessage: DEP3 header
2012-05-09 Ian Beckwith040_fix_types: DEP3 header
2012-05-09 Ian Beckwithinconsistent types patch from upstream
2012-05-09 Ian Beckwithupdate Homepage:
2012-05-09 Ian Beckwithset ck_patch as we have patched source
2012-05-09 Ian Beckwithnew patch: 030_fix_dialmessage
2012-05-08 Ian Beckwithadd dep3 headers to 020_fix_ptys
2012-05-08 Ian Beckwithnew patch: 020_fix_ptys
2012-05-08 Ian Beckwithhurd FTBFS patch: add -DSELECT
2012-05-08 Ian Beckwithl10n patch from Christian Perrier
2012-01-29 Ian Beckwithupdate debian/copyright;add dep3 header to multiarch... 302-1
2012-01-29 Ian Beckwithimport multiarch patch from ubuntu, modified to check...
2012-01-28 Ian BeckwithMerge branch 'upstream'
2012-01-28 Ian BeckwithImported Upstream version 302 upstream upstream/302
2011-07-20 Ian Beckwithremove XS-Autobuild: yes 301-2
2011-07-20 Ian Beckwithupdate changelog
2011-07-20 Ian Beckwithdebian/rules: add -DSELECT on kfreebsd
2011-07-20 Ian Beckwithnew patch 01_search-usr-lib-for-libk5crypto.patch
2011-07-12 Ian Beckwithremove patch with docs shipped with 301 301-1
2011-07-12 Ian Beckwithupdate debian/copyright
2011-07-12 Ian Beckwithdh_installchangelogs: adjust to use ckc301.txt. changel...
2011-07-12 Ian BeckwithMerge branch 'upstream'
2011-07-12 Ian Beckwithimported 9.0.301 upstream/301
2011-07-10 Ian Beckwithtemporarily readd docs not shipped with ckdaily
2011-07-10 Ian Beckwithbump version in changelog to reflect 301 beta
2011-07-10 Ian BeckwithMerge branch 'upstream'
2011-07-10 Ian Beckwithimported ckdaily 20110706 (9.0.301 prerelease)
2011-07-10 Ian BeckwithTemporarily use -O1 until segfault with -O2+krb5+iksd...
2011-07-10 Ian Beckwithput back XS-Autobuild until we are *actually* in main
2011-07-10 Ian Beckwith(temporarily?) remove gold patch from ubuntu
2011-07-10 Ian Beckwithadded patch from ubuntu to fix FTBFS with gold (Closes...
2011-07-10 Ian Beckwithdh_installchangelogs: use ckc300.txt; actually commit...
2011-07-10 Ian Beckwithremove socks support
2011-07-10 Ian Beckwithremove ckc2{11,99}.txt - replaced by ckc300.txt
2011-07-10 Ian BeckwithRemove patch 01_docs_from_211 - files now shipped in...
2011-07-10 Ian BeckwithMerge branch 'upstream' (9.0.300)
2011-07-10 Ian Beckwithimported 9.0.300 upstream/300
2011-06-24 Ian BeckwithUpdate PAM config, now just includes common-auth, commo... ckermit-212-beta
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithupdate copyright with new bsdlike license
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithchangelog: mention removed all quilt patches
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithuse minimal dh rules file
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithadd lintian override for "writeable". "IF WRITEABLE...
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithadd ssl-dev and libkrb5-dev to Build-Depends. Bump...
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithdebian/watch: remove boilerplate
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithtweak Description
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithremove XS-Autobuild: yes, not needed now we are in...
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithmove to main!!!!!!11!!one!!
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithlintian: adjust override paths, add unusual-interpreter...
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithstick temporary docs in debian/patches/01_docs_from_211...
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithupdate makefile options and target
2011-06-24 Ian Beckwithtemporarily add .txt and .ini files from ckermit-211
2011-06-23 Ian BeckwithMerge branch 'upstream' into ckermit-212-beta
2011-06-23 Ian Beckwithimported 9.0.299 Beta 02
2011-06-17 Ian Beckwithremove patch system - not needed at the moment
2011-06-17 Ian Beckwithremoved ckcpro.c: autogenerated
2011-06-17 Ian Beckwithfirst attempt at enabling crypto;update changelog
2011-06-17 Ian BeckwithMerge branch 'upstream' into test
2011-06-17 Ian Beckwithpopped all patches
2011-06-17 Ian Beckwithimported 9.0.299 Beta.01
2010-11-08 Ian BeckwithStandards-Version: 3.9.1 (no changes)
2010-11-08 Ian BeckwithAdd Italian translation. Thanks to Luca Bruno. (Closes...
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithstandards-version: 3.8.4 211-14
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithuse dh_prep instead of dh_clean -k
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithdebhelper compat level 7
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithupdate maintainer email; remove DMUA flag
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithupdate changelog
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithmore lintian overrides for spelling false-positives
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithadd lintian override for bogus spelling errors
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithdebian/rules: remove patch/unpatch deps
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithfixed "specifed" spelling error
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithfixed "paramater" spelling error
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithfixed "Loggin" spelling error
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithfixed "interupted" spelling errors
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithapplied 060_speeling.patch
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithapplied 050_ck_patch.patch
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithapplied 040_pam-password-prompting.patch
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithapplied 030_fix-if-else.patch
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithapplied 020_man-hyphen-quoting.patch
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithapply 010_makefile-destdir-support
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithswitch to format 3.0 (quilt)
2010-05-12 Ian Beckwithrearrange patch names
2009-03-15 Ian BeckwithStandards-Version: 3.8.1 (no changes). 211-13
2009-03-15 Ian Beckwithupdate changelog
2009-03-14 Ian Beckwithran debconf-updatepo